It seems clich√© to say, but my life really did change when I bought my first tarot deck. I've always been spiritual and intuitive, but studying tarot brought me to a whole new level and initiated a healing process I didn't even know I needed at the time. I'm self-taught, but when I decided to read tarot professionally I sought out a guide and mentor, and I completed a one-on-one 12-week Soul Tarot Mastery Intensive Training with Lindsay Mack of Sacred Tarot School. 

If you seek a reading from me, you should know that I'm not a psychic, and my readings are not a form of fortune-telling. Instead, my readings are more of a guided healing session to help you realign your mind and soul. I use my intuition and knowledge of tarot to help you gain clarity and wisdom on whatever it is that has you feeling lost, confused, or fearful. My goal is not to read your future. My goal is to help you feel empowered enough to embrace your true self and to find a new way forward. 

Tarot Offerings | mysticsister.net
Tarot Offerings | mysticsister.net

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Intuitive Email Reading

This reading includes cards from three different decks (one tarot deck and two oracle decks) to give you some expansive guidance packed into a mini-reading. If you purchase this reading, you will be prompted to fill out a form telling me what you would like guidance on. I will then email your reading to you within 1 week. You will receive insight into the cards, what they mean for your current situation, and advice on how to move forward. You will also receive a photo of your cards.

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