Why I Gave Up On the Menstrual Cup

Why I Gave Up On the Menstrual Cup | mysticsister.net

I really wanted to like my menstrual cup, I did. I can leave it in for 12 hours. I can use it for five years before buying a new one. It's a means to feel empowered about my womanhood instead of shamed. It's pretty awesome. Unfortunately, I hated it.

This is your warning that lady-talk will commence in the next paragraph. If that makes you uncomfortable, I suggest you take a look at yourself and figure out why a natural occurrence that women experience on a monthly basis makes you uncomfortable. 

I knew there would be a learning curve when it came to using a menstrual cup, but it was harder than I thought it would be. I used to use o.b. tampons, which don't have applicators, so I don't mind the fact that I basically had to shove the cup and a couple of my fingers as far up my vagina as I can. I'm comfortable with my body, and that part of the process wasn't really an issue. I also use a vibrator from time to time, so the size of the cup, which is intimidating to some people, also wasn't an issue for me. The problem I had was getting the cup to unfold properly once it was inside me. I felt like I was giving myself a more-invasive-than-usual pap smear. I also had a hard time getting the cup in high enough before it started to unfold and form a seal.

I didn't have as much trouble getting the cup out, but even that wasn't a pleasant experience. I had to squeeze the bottom of the cup to break the seal while also pulling the cup down, which I could never manage to do ver well simultaneously. 

I'm sure that with a little practice I could solve all of those problems, but the issue that really made me quit was that I didn't like how the cup felt inside me. My body is very sensitive, and when it doesn't like something, it lets me know. I could feel it against the walls of my vagina. It was subtle, but like I said, I'm sensitive. I don't even wear tampons on days when I'm cramping badly because even that feels uncomfortable. The cup felt too firm against me, and it seemed to be all I could focus on, which is kind of the opposite of what the cup is supposed to do.

In theory, I'm all for menstrual cups, and I fully support women who use them. They're just not for me. I try to be as in-tune with my body as possible, and when I am I find that both my body and my mind feel better. So I'm going to listen to my body. I'm not going back to tampons right away, though. I'm going to try sea sponges. They're basically the opposite of menstrual cups. All-natural, baby. My body loves all-natural stuff.

Do any of you use menstrual cups or sea sponges? What about cloth pads? What are your period routines?