Why I Gave the Menstrual Cup a Second Chance, and Why I'm So Glad I Did

A little less than a year ago I tried using a menstrual cup for the first time, and I gave up on it. I was having trouble inserting it, but more importantly, it was uncomfortable once I got it inside me. Recently I did a little more research to try to figure out why that was, and I discovered that the cup I had was probably just a little too big. Once I figured that out, I decided to get a smaller cup (I went with the Lunette) and try again.

I'm now almost done with my first period using the cup, and I love it. Oh my goodness, I love it. Put the cup in a day before my period was supposed to start so I could get a little extra practice inserting it, and that really helped. I'm still not a pro, but I'm doing so much better after a week of practice. I've got my preferred fold (the seven fold) down, and I've only had one or two instances where it didn't open properly. Practice really does make perfect.

I'm also feeling none of the discomfort I had with my first cup (the Super Jennie). The Lunette is super soft and flexible, and I don't feel it at all. I had some slight cramping the first day while my vagina adjusted to the cup, but after that I had almost no cramping whatsoever. That's really saying something, seeing as how I'm pretty much the poster-girl for PMS. I also discovered that some of my earlier discomfort was from the stem. I don't have a super low cervix, but it's low enough that the stem poked out of me a little bit. That was an easy fix, though. I just grabbed a pair of scissors and trimmed the stem. Voilà! No more stem discomfort.

I was quick to give up on the menstrual cup, and it cost me seven months of period bliss. Don't be like me. If you're interested in the cup, give it a shot. You may have to tinker with it a bit before you get it down, but it's worth it. It's way cheaper than tampons and pads, there's no risk of toxic shock, it's better for the environment, it cuts down on your cramps and, even though you get your hands a little bloody (literally) when inserting and removing it, you don't have to worry about leaks or messy pads.

The bottom line is: Menstrual cups are awesome. Get one.