Why 2014 was a Fantastic Year for Feminism

Feminism has been around for quite a while, obviously, but 2014 was the year it really resurfaced in society's consciousness. I didn't consider myself a feminist until about 2013, when education about feminism started to be more available. This past year, though, I've tried to spread my own knowledge of feminism and make people aware of how important it is.

So much happened for feminism in 2014, but we still have a long way to go. Women still don't have equality, rape is still not treated as the assault it is, the government is still trying to control women's bodies, and unfortunately the list of reasons why we need feminism is far too long to write out here. I hope in 2015 that feminism will keep moving forward and women will get treated like the human beings we are. For now, though, here are some links to some of feminism's best moments in the past year, from Malala to Barbie to Beyoncé and beyond. Take a look.

What were your favorite feminist moments this year?