Who Knew Minimum Wage Would Make Me So Happy?

Who Knew Minimum Wage Would Make Me So Happy? | mysticsister.net

The other day I got a job as a Starbucks barista. While this is not my life goal, getting this job brought me a sense of relief and contentedness that I had no idea a temporary minimum wage job could bring.

Let me give you some background. I graduated a year ago with a Bachelors in Journalism. After getting that degree, I spent five months working as a reporter in Jerusalem. Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. While I was over there, I decided I wanted to go back to school to get a Masters in Creative Writing. I'd live at home in the meantime and get a job doing, whatever, really, to support myself until going back to school. Unfortunately, doing that was not as easy as it sounds.

I've been home since February, and it took me until August to find a job. I have experience as a Middle East reporter covering everything from culture to politics to terrorism. I am incredibly overqualified for most minimum wage jobs, and yet no one would call me back. I applied to more places than I can count, and the few who actually did call me back decided that I just don't have what it takes to serve people food and alcohol. You'd think that dealing with terrorism on a regular basis would give me a good sense of working in stressful situations, but apparently it doesn't count for much in the service industry.

Can you tell this job search was a constant source of frustration for me?

Anyway, when I was offered this job at Starbucks it felt like the proverbial weight had been lifted off my chest. Finally, I have a source of income and a reason to leave my house every day. (God is sitting in the house day in and day out doing nothing but hunting for crap jobs a self-esteem drag.) It also gives me more time to focus on grad school applications and GRE study time, you know, the things I actually need to do to further my career.

A lot of other 23-year-olds are going through the same thing I am, but not being able to get the most basic of jobs was triggering my depression and anxiety and making me generally feel pretty awful, and this is a nice step in the right direction. Another plus is learning how to make all kinds of crazy coffees and getting to drink them all the time. So there's that. Here's to being an adult. Cheers. ☕️