What Is Magic?

What Is Magic? | mysticsister.net

When a lot of people think of magic, they think of something mythic, far-away, intangible. In some ways, magic is those things. It's fairies and spells and charms and all the things that people don't believe in anymore. But magic is so much more than that.

I of course find magic in mystical things like tarot and crystals and rituals and candlelight. When I read the cards and they tell me things I knew already but didn't want to face, I hear the universe gently pushing me trust and accept. When I wear my citrine necklace the day's struggles are a little easier to get through, and I feel my own inner strength becoming something tangible that I can pull from and channel. Magic is easy to find in these places.

I also find magic in the mundane, though, like this morning, for instance. I pulled the shower curtain aside to turn the water on, and a moth flew into the shower. He hung out in there for a while, but when I turned to rinse the conditioner out of my hair, he was gone.

Coffee is magic too. I think most people knew this once, but in the routine nature of their mornings have forgotten it. The magic is still there, though, in the anticipation of scooping the grounds into the filter, in the aroma that encompasses the kitchen as the post fills, in the glory of finally taking that first sip. How could anyone forget the magic of coffee?

Magic is the sun rising and setting every day and the way dead trees grow new leaves in the spring. Magic is the friendship I have with my family and the family I've found in my friends. It's the way someone pulls out of a perfect space in an otherwise completely full parking lot just as you drive up. It's the way a good book or movie or song has the power to transport you to a whole other world.

Magic is in everything, if you have the willingness to see it. Put mindfulness and intention into everything you do, and your eyes (your third one included) will gradually open to the wonderful gifts that the universe is offering us. Coffee is a good place to start. Whatever magic means to you, though, understand that the fact that you are here at all is incredible. You are magic.