Three Easy Ways to Get Outside and Get Back in Touch with Nature

Three Easy Ways to Get Outside and Get Back in Touch with Nature |

Last week I wrote about how I was desperately in need of a recharge. This week I'm feeling so much healthier and happier. Jupiter went direct a few days ago, so that probably helped out a bit. Another big thing that helped, though, is that I've been spending more time with nature, and that's helping me feel grounded and stable. You'd be surprised how much better you feel after spending some time outside, so I thought I'd give a few easy ways to commune with nature and get back in touch with the earth.

1. Do your morning ritual outside.

Pretty much everyone I know has a morning ritual, whether it's meditating or reading tarot cards or writing in a journal or even simply enjoying a cup of coffee in the quiet hours. Rather than doing those things inside, go out to your porch or backyard. Even here in Florida, where summer essentially turns the outside world into a sauna, the weather in the morning is pretty great. So wherever you are, I'm guessing the mornings are beautiful. Take those dawn hours, when the earth is also waking, to get yourself ready for the day. 

2. Take your dog for a walk.

This is probably the biggest thing that gets me outside every day. Mattie and I take a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood, and while she marks her territory and chases squirrels and attempts to force every person we see to pet her, I take in the trees and the birds and the fresh air. I get to spend time with nature and with my dog, so it's a win/win, really.

If you don't have a dog, take yourself for a walk! We walk our dogs because we love them and want them to get enough exercise and stay happy and healthy, but we always neglect ourselves when it comes to those same needs. No more excuses. Even if all you can manage is a quick walk around the block after lunch, do it. We deserve the same love we give those arounds us.

3. Get some plants.

I've suggested this before, and that's because having plants indoors really does bring new life (literally) into your home. Feel the dirt under your nails when you plant your new friends in their new pot. Find the perfect sunny sport for them to sit and grow. Water them, touch them, talk to them. Watch as they grow taller and fuller under your care. I never fail to smile when I see new buds or leaves on my plant babies. Even just looking at them as I walk by or look up from my computer makes me feel calm. Plus, there are certain plants that actually filter toxic substances, like formaldehyde and ammonia, from the air, so you can breathe clean air even when you're inside. How cool is that?!

Sometimes we get so busy that we run from place to place, and, even when we're outside, we don't take in the gifts nature is trying to offer us. Try to take some time each day, even if it's only a few minutes, to commune with nature in whatever way you can. I promise you that you will start to feel more energized, more at peace, and more alive.