'That Which We Do Not Understand' is Definitely Something You Should Back on Kickstarter

Who here is a fan of art that deals with the unknown? Oh, you're all raising your hands. Great. I have something for you. It's called That Which We Do Not Understand

That Which We Do Not Understand is a book created by the wonderful artist Amelia Gregory. She runs a magazine aptly called Amelia's Magazine. It is published bi-annually, and while it used to be published in print, it is now published online only. Amelia's Magazine is celebrating it's 10th anniversary, though, and Amelia wanted to do something special. So, she's producing a limited edition collectible artists' book. That Which We Do Not Understand will have a gold foiled cover and gold spot printing on every page inside, along with an exclusive series of A2 limited edition art prints with real gold leaf.

This is pure art gold, people.

Ha. See what I did there?

Anyway, back to the book. The artwork and writing for the book were collected by Amelia through through an open brief on the Amelia’s Magazine website, allowing artists from all over the world to submit work on the theme of That Which We Do Not Understand.

"The brief was inspired by my personal experience of two late miscarriages," Amelia wrote on her Kickstarter, "and will explore the many ways in which humans seek to understand the things that they don’t understand in their lives: Think mysticism, spirituality, alchemy, paganism, witchcraft, herbalism, shamanism, magick, voodoo, folklore, occult, esotericism, tarot, astrology, animal spirits, paranormal activities, the moon and much more. The book will feature at least 72 pages of exclusive artworks interspersed with short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. It will be beautiful and inspiring, full of thought-provoking contributions that question and celebrate the miraculousness of life."

So basically, That Which We Do Not Understand is an artistic collaboration inspired by the things that make us think most deeply about ourselves. I'm in.

Amelia did an interview about this project over at The Numinous, which, by the way, is an awesome website that you should all check out. The interview led me to Amelia's Kickstarter page, and I knew immediately that I had to back this project. There are tons of great rewards available, plus the satisfaction of knowing you've contributed to a collaborative artistic endeavor on a global scale. 

Amelia is less than £900 away from her goal, but there are only four days left to back That Which We Do Not Understand. I know many of you who read this are artists, and I hope you at least take a look at this project. I also hope you back it, of course, but I can't force you to do that.

So go forth, dear readers. Take a look at That Which We Do Not Understand. It's worth your time and, I think, your money.