Radha Beauty 100% Pure Argan Oil is My New Favorite Thing

Radha Beauty 100% Pure Argan Oil is My New Favorite Thing | mysticsister.net

I've been on the natural beauty products train for a little while now, but I'm still finding which products are right for me, and one of the hardest things to find products for is my acne. After I switched from drugstore products to all natural skincare products, my acne started to clear up. My skin was looking clearer, but my acne wasn't totally gone. Now, though, I think I've found what my homemade skin products were missing: argan oil.

I recently received a complimentary bottle of Radha Beauty's 100% organ oil to try and review, and I am in love. I've been using it to cleanse and moisturize my face, and I put it in my toner as well, and my skin is clearer than it's ever been. I put a few drops into my homemade toner and use twice a day. I cleanse my face at night with it using the oil cleansing method.

Aside from helping to clear up acne like nothing I've ever used before, organ oil has a number of other benefits. It works great as a general moisturizer or leave-in hair conditioner, absorbing quickly into skin and leaving it feeling soft and non-greasy. It can also be used to soften and condition cuticles and promote healthy nail growth. I had a much easier time trimming my cuticles when I used a couple drops of organ oil. You can even use argan oil to treat and heal razor and to prevent stretch marks.

If, like me, you've been searching for something that will finally clear up your acne (as well as do pretty much everything you'd want from an oil) get some argan oil from Radha Beauty. You can buy it at Radha Beauty's website or at Amazon. Seriously, stop reading this and treat yourself to this amazing oil. Go. Buy it.

FTC disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Radha Beauty in conjunction with BrandBacker.