My First Foray into Lithomancy

My First Foray into Lithomancy |

Even though I consider myself a pretty mystical person, I've never had any experience with lithomancy. If, like me, you aren't that familiar with lithomancy, it's a form of divination where the reader interprets stones or crystals. The origins of lithomancy aren't as documented as those of other forms of divination, and because of that there are various ways to practice. In general, though, the reader intuitively chooses a few stones from a predetermined set and tosses them onto the chart, using the stones meanings in conjunction with the astrological meanings on the chart.

While that is pretty much the extent of my knowledge of lithomancy, my friend Lorina has been studying it for a while now and recently shared a bit about her practice on her Instagram, @mothsandscorpions. When I expressed my interest, she offered me a reading, and I gladly accepted. I'm in the process of starting my own business, and I asked for a bit of guidance on that. Here's the reading that Lorina gave me.

Picture Jasper || This stone represents the overall feel of the situation. || Sitting outside of the chart means things are still in the middle of fruition and it's pointing to Pluto. This new endeavor is really going to stretch you, but in a way that will teach you to straighten up your management skills and problem solving more than before and will help solve a lot of personal problems through this experience. It's not going to be an easy ride but there's potential for a new you and lifestyle. Bring your knowledge from the past to help you battle the challenges ahead and be open to transformation.

Rose Quartz || This stone represents an encouraging message for direction from Venus, your Sun Sign's ruling planet. || You're in your emotions right now as everything is new and intimidating, but this is something you've been wanting for a long time and only you are stopping yourself. If need be, allow others to support you and draw encouragement from them. This is going to be life changing. A turning point in some way that will set course to something bigger in your personal life. I'm seeing something like blue waters and sparkling gold. I'm not sure what that's about but it's warm, sparkling, and blossoming.

Carnelian || This stone wants you to have focus and confidence. || Sitting on Aquarius between Aries and Libra with a corner pointing to Leo, the message is that you're changing, life is changing, but don't be scared. You have it in you to make this happen. Go with the flow of change with confidence. Though you may need to seek out help from someone to get it off the ground with making or supplying something for you. This is definitely a good direction for you if you're focused and ambitious!

Orange Aventurine || This stone represents what to overcome when it comes to this new opportunity. || Placed between Virgo, the 1st House, and Mars, this stone knows you're nervous and the thoughts are starting to intrude every part of you. You're cautious and it's good that you want to make sure everything's good to go, but shake off the nerves of perfection. This is going to be a learning experience so not everything will be perfect, but you've got this!

I can't tell you how much this reading resonated with me. I pretty much knew all of this already, but hearing it from the universe is beautiful confirmation I'm on the right path.

I initially followed Lorina on Instagram because she takes the most beautiful tarot photos, but then she followed me back and we started talking. I've made quite a few friends that way, and that's something I love so much about the #witchesofinstagram. You should all follow Lorina if you don't already. She's awesome.

I'm pretty busy at the moment, but lithomancy is definitely something I'm interested to try my hand at in the near future.