Intuition Exchange: November 14-20

Intuition Exchange: November 14-20 |

After a bit of a hiatus while I got my new apothecary up and running, I'm happy to announce that the Intuition Exchanges are back! I know a lot of you missed reading these as much as I missed doing them, so I'm really pleased that these will once again be available every week. With that said, let's dive right into this week's reading.

A lot has happened recently that has people on all sides feeling scared, lonely, misunderstood, and angry. The Three of Swords reflects that in a big way. The Three of Swords also tells us, however, that our situation is what we make of it. There are definitely things happening beyond our control, but the suit of Swords is the suit of the mind, and fortunately our thoughts are within our control. Whatever we're feeling right now, those feelings are valid, but rather than being a victim of those feelings, the Three of Swords tells us to learn from our pain and grief to reshape the way we view our situation. No matter what's happening externally, we have the power to shape how we deal with our situation internally.

Beginnings reinforces the power we have to view our situation from a different viewpoint. What some people see as endings, others see as beginnings. Everything moves in cycles, and we are now at the beginning of a new cycle. Rather than shy away from the enormity of this new journey, we should embrace the idea that there is infinite room for growth. We are at the starting line, and we have a multitude of possibilities before us. We only have to choose which direction we wish to go.

Mars is the planet of action and energy, and that's exactly what we need to channel as we move through this week. Figure out what it is you desire, and call on Mars to help you push through any obstacles in your way. Mars is full of raw energy, so we get to choose where we channel that energy. Mars also has the potential for impatience and aggression, so we must be wary not to become to overwhelmed by our angry and lose sight of what it is we're fighting for.

We're dealing with a lot of emotion this week. Just remember to take each day one step at a time. Figure out how to reshape your thoughts to help you go from victimization to empowerment.