Intuition Exchange: May 9-15

Intuition Exchange May 9-15 |

We're moving through some big water energy this week, so we're going to have to put in a little work to make sure we don't become overwhelmed by our emotions. Luckily we've got the Knight of Vessels (Cups) to guide us. His dual nature of water and air allows him to skillfully balance the mind and emotions, allowing us to express deep feelings without letting them overtake us. He helps us approach growth and transition with wisdom and intelligence. We should never ignore our feelings; they are the heart of everything that drives us. Make sure, though, that you don't make rash decisions about the future based solely on those feelings. While our hearts may guide us, our minds sustain us. Find that balance and the reassurance that the union of heart and mind brings.

Fish reinforces the need for the balance that the Knight of Vessels brings. It's easy to become lost in our heart's current and forget the practical aspects of life. Then when we try to take on those practicalities, they can seem like monumental obstacles. Balance takes time, so rather than trying to tackle all your responsibilities at once, set a series of small goals to accomplish one at a time, and then let that feeling of accomplishment guide you as it builds. Sometimes the mere act of getting out of the house or taking a shower is great victory. Make your own victories this week.

Self reminds us not to get too lost in the details and hardships of our journey. Often a labor of love can turn into a labor of stress. This is when we most need that balance of heart and mind. Remember why you set out on your current path and what you love most about this journey. This week will probably be a bit of a see-saw as far as our emotions are concerned. When we're up we have to remember to stay grounded and practical, and when we're down we have to remember why we chose to do what we do. Balance is tricky, but as long as we remember to turn inward every once in a while and look at our true selves, we'll be just fine.