Intuition Exchange: May 23-29

Intuition Exchange: May 23-29 |

We're stepping into more good energy this week, but it won't happen passively. It's going to take a little bit of work on our part. Wheel of Fortune with Ten of Wands reversed jumper reminds us that we make our own fate, whether for better or for worse. The universe guides us, but we make the ultimate decision of how we want to live our lives, and Wheel of Fortune represents that beautiful blending of fate and free will. Ten of Wands reversed shows we've stopped trying to do things the hard way and are finally falling into a good rhythm. While it may have felt like the universe was fighting against us recently, making everything harder, we're getting into the mindset now that the universe was right and we were the ones making life harder for ourselves. Our journey hasn't changed, but we've finally found the path and have stopped trying to hack our way through the darkest parts of the forest.

Think With Your Heart is pretty self-explanatory. Now that we're feeling that Ten of Wands reversed energy and are working smarter, not harder, we have more room to let our emotions influence our decisions. What feels good? What makes us smile? What makes our hearts sing? Let that little voice in the back of your head nudge you in the right direction.

Earth is a reminder that even though we're in Think With Your Heart energy, we need to be careful not to let our head get too far up in the clouds. We need to stay grounded so we don't end up in Ten of Wands upright energy. Let your heart lead you forward, but let your head make the practical decisions. Also, in a more elemental sense, Earth reminds us to stay active and connected to nature. Let Mother Earth revive you when you're feeling unmotivated. Remember that Wheel of Fortune means we make our own choices, and inactivity is a choice. If we stay grounded, active, and motivated, though, that empowered feeling will drive us forward.