Intuition Exchange: May 2-8

Intuition Exchange: May 2-8 |

This week is a time to cultivate some big self-love. Judgement comes to us not when we need to judge more harshly but rather when we need to pull back the reigns of judgement a bit. Sometimes we get so mired in the difficulties of our journey that we stop seeing the accomplishments we're making and see only our failures. Judgement tells us to rise above ourselves and see ourselves from a more objective perspective.

This week we need to step back and look at where we are and what we've done without judging any of it. When we see ourselves from that point, almost like an out-of-body experience, it becomes a lot easier to see that for everything that's gone wrong there's also something that's gone right. When we can acknowledge where we are without judging ourselves, then we can move forward again, one step at a time. We are going to run into obstacles as we go; that's life. If we can move through those obstacles with love instead of judgement, though, then we can recognize that the simple act of continuing on is a great victory.

The Sacral Chakra is linked to our expressive and creative desires. It is that place deep in our gut that helps us explore our true selves. If we're not self-aware, though, ego can get in the way and make us feel like we don't have enough, like we'll never have enough, and that can lead to a downward spiral. When that happens, we need to remember that Judgement energy and work on our self-love. We need to reach down into that sacral chakra and remember who we are. No judgement, just truth.

The Storytelling and Heart cards jumped from the deck to reinforce the idea that while the universe may influence us, we are ultimately in charge of our destiny. Storytelling reminds us that we are the writers of own stories, but we still might need to a little editing now and then. Take a look at where you are and see what needs to be cultivated and what needs to be cut. However we move forward, though, we need to keep the Heart card in mind and do any editing with love. Open yourself up to receiving love from yourself, from others, and from the universe. You are magnificent.