Intuition Exchange: May 16-22

Intuition Exchange: May 16-22 |

We've got more water energy this week, and it comes in the best form possible. The Ten of Vessels (Cups) is one of those cards that makes it hard to experience anything but joy. We are in our element this week, accomplishing our goals and finding ways to fulfill our desires. The water overflowing into the cups reminds us that, even during those times when we don't feel that glowing happiness, we still have far more than we think. This week is all about finding our joy. Dive into your work, spend time with your family, go out with your friends, relish your alone-time. The things that make you happy will be readily available to you, both on the material and spiritual realms, so take advantage of that.

Dolphin really compounds on that feeling of fulfillment this week, bringing healing energies full of light and blessings. Dolphins are highly sensitive to subtleties, so pay attention to those this week. When you can't seem to feel the Ten of Vessels energy, look for it in a more subtle place. Dolphin also reminds us not to neglect our spiritual practices. When we're happy we tend to stray from the things that bring us comfort in times of need, when what we should be doing is putting even more energy into those practices now that we're feeling their effects. However you connect to the spiritual, try doing it every day this week. See if it changes how you approach your day.

Full Moon tops off this week of beautiful, fulfilled energy. Tap into the wholeness of Full Moon if you find yourself feeling a little empty this week. Let that feeling guide you back to the Ten of Vessels energy. We have everything we need to be happy. Full Moon also brings a feeling of power to us this week, reminding us that the joy we're experiencing did not come to us by chance. We are wholly in control of our fate.