Intuition Exchange: March 7-13

Intuition Exchange: March 7-13 |

This week's card is the Daughter of Cups reversed. Innocent and playful, the Daughter of Cups shows us how to live joyfully and to entertain ourselves during our day-to-day lives. She shows us how to bring our dreamy creativity forth on this plane. Reversed, however, tells us that we're experiencing some kind of block to that playful energy.

When we're in the reverse energy of this card, there's a good chance we're going to fall prey to negative thoughts and emotions. Our brains our likely to tell us that we're not creative enough to follow our dreams or we're not strong enough to deal with adversity. Our serious sides are going to be shouting at us this week to get our heads out of the clouds and be practical. We're going to be fighting thoughts that tell us the difficulties we're facing are warnings that we should give up.

We can't listen to those thoughts.

Upright, the Daughter of Cups has such a pure, beautiful energy, and this week we need to fight the negativity and strive to move our energies from reverse to upright. The You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be and Sacral Chakra cards emphasize this point. The You Are Exactly Where You Need to Be card is pretty self-explanatory. Even though we may be facing difficulties this week, whether they be emotional or financial or intellectual, we are still on the right track. We can move past these difficulties. We know this because the Sacral Chakra card is telling us that yes, we are creative beings. We may be a little out of balance at the moment, but all we need to do to fix that is to receive the gift of self-love and embrace our true natures. We're following our passions because, hello, we are passionate about them! This week we need to banish the Ego side of the Sacral Chakra and realign with the Divine side. We may have gotten a little turned around, but we haven't completely lost the path.

Many of my readings in the past week have been yelling at me to become aware of the imbalance happening. I didn't really feel that imbalance until a few days ago, and then everything came crashing down around me. This week is the time rebuild and realign. We are beautiful. We are creative. We are divine. If we cultivate these ideas, we will right the Daughter of Cups and feel the creative energies flowing once again. We might feel lost for the moment, but we are exactly where we need to be.