Intuition Exchange: March 28-April 3

Intuition Exchange: March 28-April 3 |

After moving through the healing and clearing energy of last week's Full Moon Eclipse, we're now moving into a beautiful time of love, renewal, and rebirth. The Hierophant is, at its heart a teacher. Upright, it comes to us when we need to rewrite the laws we live by, when we need to shed our old skin to make way to the truth of who we've become. Reversed, the Hierophant let's us know that we've done the work and are moving through it. 

This week is a time for love and acceptance and prosperity. Last week we made the decision to leave our fears behind and go an easier way, and this week we truly step into that easier way. We are rewriting our laws, embracing our truth, and not shying away from who we are. Now is the time to throw away the old belief systems that no longer serve us. The fear isn't there anymore; we've already made the decision. This week is simply the next step on our new path. Stride with purpose, because you already know the way.

I also pulled Feeling and Form this week, which tells us the we have the power to manifest what it is we want. Hierophant reversed lets us know that we've changed the rules, but Feeling and Form is a reminder that that's not the end of our journey. Take time this week to energize your desires and also to be receptive to what the universe offers you. Everything in this universe vibrates with energy; all we have to do is tap into that energy. Recharge this week and then send that energy back out. You've got this.