Intuition Exchange: March 21-27

Intuition Exchange: March 21-27 |

This week signals a turning point in the way we view our current situation. The Eight of Swords, like many of the swords, is about recognizing that our thoughts might be betraying us. Like the butterfly inside its chrysalis, we're in the midst of a quiet transformation. We hang above a circle of swords, doomed to be pierced. But are the swords real, or are they merely a falsehood we've concocted out of fear?

Yesterday was Oster, the first day of Spring, and this week is the time to celebrate the growth and new life that Spring brings. This winter we moved through a time of imbalance and misalignment. We let our fear take hold, and we made things harder than they had to be because of that. Now is the time to realize that the swords surrounding us are of our own making, and just as we built them up, we have the ability to break them down.

Take time this week to meditate and visualize where it is you want to be. Recognize that, although our fears may be very real, we are brave enough and strong enough to honor those fears and move on. There is an easier way to do things, and once we embrace our soul's true purpose, that easier way will seem so obvious it will be a wonder that we ever tried to live any other way. Once we realize that the swords are of our own making and don't have any real power to harm us, then we can break free of our chrysalis and take flight.

I also pulled the Higher Knowledge card this week. Much like when I pulled this card a few weeks ago, we are being reminded to quiet our minds and let our true voices be heard. The suit of Swords is the suit of the mind, and often there is so much going on in our heads that we no longer know what we should listen to and what we should discard. Higher Knowledge is here as a gentle reminder to trust our intuition and to know that we already have all the answers we seek. All we need to do is listen.