Intuition Exchange: March 14-20

Intuition Exchange: March 14-20 |

This week's message reinforces what we were told last week: Our thoughts aren't necessarily true, and we need to find a way to go with the current rather than forcing things that don't serve us.

The High Priestess reversed tells us there might not be anything new to know right now, and it's ok to simply rest in the contraction. We know who we are and what we're meant to do, but we need a moment of pause to align and prepare ourselves for what's next. It's ok if we can't quite hear the messages the universe is trying to send to us. Not being able to hear is a signal that we need some time to relax and strengthen our spirits.

As I was shuffling, the Devil reversed fell out of the deck. I love when cards fall like that, like my guides are telling that even if I pay attention to nothing else they give me, I need to pay attention to that card. The Devil reversed is similar to upright but in a slightly less intense way. It offers us the knowledge that our brain chemistry does not have to rule us; we can overcome it. That knowledge can help make us more comfortable in the silence of the High Priestess. We're not hearing any new messages because we don't need anything new. All we need is to learn to control our brain chemistry. We can't let ourselves fall into a feeling of victimhood. We have a choice.

I've also pulled the Expectation card this week. Expectations are funny things. They can make or break how we feel about a situation, so much so that we can even lose sight of the reality of what's happening. Try not to have too many, if any, expectations this week. Stay present and accepting of the changes you go through and progress you make. Be kind to yourself. This sense of disconnect won't last forever.