Intuition Exchange: June 27-July 3

Intuition Exchange: June 27-July 3 |

The cards this week are telling us it's time for a big introspective period. The Seven of Pentacles is a waiting period, a time for contemplation. It's that period of time between the plant and the harvest. Even though there's nothing we can physically do at this point to influence the outcome of our harvest, our minds continue to spin. Did we work hard enough, put in enough time, do everything we were supposed to? Even if we find that the answer is no, there's nothing we can do about it now. So rather than letting ourselves be overcome with anxiety about the things we can't control, focus on the good. The fact that we planted a crop at all is a huge success. We put our heart and soul into something that we love, and even if it doesn't work out exactly as we planned, just the fact that we found this thing we care about is a win in and of itself. How many people can say they're doing what they love? Don't let your worries overcome you this week. Realize that the rewards of our efforts are already there. We just have to recognize them.

Buffalo lives in two worlds: the practical and the spiritual. Buffalo has faith that the universe is not trying to hurt us, and every obstacle is actually an opportunity for new growth. When our minds turn to fear and doubt this week, channel Buffalo. Trust that everything we're going through is going to make us better, even that means failing. We are constantly learning, and as long as we keep that trust in the universe, nothing we're doing is in vain.

Pleasure and Pain is here to remind us that even though our pleasures bring us joy, our pain brings us something as well. We need to go inward this week and explore our pain instead of running away from it. Why are we in pain, and what can that pain teach us? How can we turn that pain into pleasure? All things exist in balance. We can't have joy without also experiencing sorrow. So what are our sorrows giving us? If we can figure that out, we can transform our sorrow into something beautiful. Find the balance this week.