Intuition Exchange: June 13-19

Intuition Exchange: June 13-19 |

I had quite a few jumpers this week, which I love. It feels like the cards are so eager to give me their message that they can't wait for me to pull the cards. First up this week is the Eight of Wands. I love this card. Like the lighting strike in the card's image, the Eight of Wands signals a powerful burst of energy in our lives. Something happens to catalyze a change, and with the suit of Wands that change usually deals with our goals and ambitions. Just because the spark happens suddenly, though, doesn't mean you need to jump right into the change it precipitates. Let the spark simmer in your mind for a little while. Let it grow until it becomes a fully formed flame.

The Son of Pentacles jumper reinforces that waiting period. The dual nature of Earth and Air working in the Son's energy helps us turn our ideas into reality. We know that change is coming. That spark is there. But the Son of Pentacles reminds us that the planning stage is important if we want this change to be successful.

Just like the Eight of Wands and Son of Pentacles embody the elements of Fire, Earth, and Air, the Animal Spirit deck also brings us cards of Fire, Earth, and Air. Dragonfly (Air) awakens a sense of wonder in us. The Dragonfly's iridescent wings constantly shimmer and change colors in the light, and so must we also embrace the shifts and changes of our minds. Don't fight the lightning strike. Invite it in.

The Hyena and Mouse jumpers tell us to find balance as we move forward with our new project. Hyena is a jokester, but often those jokes hide insecurities. Don't make fun of the passion that strikes you because you think that's the only way for others to understand that passion. If you love it, it's important. Where Hyena makes light of a situation, Mouse can be so deep in the details that it can't see the end-goal. Planning and details are important, as the Son of Pentacles tells us, but if we take it too far we can fall into the trap of perfectionism. I personally have a lot of trouble with perfectionism, so I know how difficult it is not to get caught up in it, but we have to remember that it's ok to fail, especially with a new project. Just remember that we're cultivating this spark, this new change, because we're passionate about it. Let that passion drive you, and don't worry if you get things right the first time around. Remember the Dragonfly and it's ever-shifting wings. The important thing is to keep going.