Intuition Exchange: July 11-17

Intuition Exchange: July 11-17 |

I've been doing these Intuition Exchanges for a few months, and I have to say that this week the cards have one of the most empowering messages I've seen since I began. The King of Swords starts us off with the powerful double energy of Air and Fire, like a controlled burn. The passionate Fire is there, but t's held in check by the intellectual energy of of Air, giving us a real mastery over our current endeavors. There's a powerful authority with this King, giving us the strength to speak our truth.

That strength is compounded by Loudspeaker. This week it's time to really fine-tune the work we've been doing, to channel the dynamic and creative energy we've been feeling and shout it out to the Universe. We've been shaping some big thoughts and ideas lately, but now it's time to put those ideas in motion. Embrace the pure joy you've been feeling lately, and let it radiate through you. Success is coming.

Generally when we talk about Mercury we're bemoaning the effects of its retrograde, but have you ever noticed its powerful positive aspects? Mercury is all about the mind and how we communicate our thoughts to the world, and this week that communication will be spot-on. That fine-tuning we've been doing means nothing will get lost in translation. This week will bring us that much closer to a bountiful harvest. Enjoy it.