Intuition Exchange: February 8-14

Intuition Exchange: February 8-14 |

This week's card is the Two of Cups reversed. Twos in the tarot are all about receptivity, and in the suit of cups that means receiving love. This card is very similar to the Lovers, but on a smaller, more detailed scale, and that's an important thing to notice seeing as how last week I pulled the Lovers.

When the Lovers appeared last week, it fell out of the deck as I was shuffling, an extra reminder that in all we do, we must love ourselves. Pulling the Two of Cups reversed this week shows we might not have paid enough attention to the Lovers last week.

This card reversed tells us there's an emotional imbalance occurring, either with others or with ourselves. Often when we feel strain in a relationship we rush to please the other person, which only ends up causing more strain. In this case it's important to take a step back and take stock of our own emotions in this situation. We can't let ourselves get so caught up in comforting others that we forget to comfort ourselves. The real problem might be stemming from some part of ourselves we're unhappy with or resistant to rather than something we perceive to be going on with the other person in the relationship. 

An extension of that is that the strained relationship is actually within ourselves. We're all complex people; it's part of human nature. The Two of Cups reversed points to difficulties with reconciling different aspects of ourselves. Maybe there's a part of you that wants to change career paths or cut ties with someone in your life. It's also possible that if you've been having health problems, you're now caught in a cycle where your physical and mental states affect each other, causing your problems to pile ever higher. You might even be wanting to explore thoughts or activities which mainstream society sees as shameful. Whatever the case may be, this card is telling us that we need to set our ego aside and embrace that part of ourselves we've been trying to hide.

I said it last week, and I'll say it again; self-love is the hardest love there is. This week it's time to stop fighting ourselves. Embrace your complexity. Instead of resisting that part of ourselves we have trouble loving, let it in in small doses. We don't have to be all things all the time, but we also can't destroy something that's part of our true nature. This week it's time to love ourselves for all that we are.

P.S. With Valentine's Day coming up, a lot of you are going to be focused on your love life (obviously). If you're not in a relationship but want to be, or if you are in a  relationship but it isn't going well, remember that your relationship status does not define you. It's sometimes easier said than done (believe me, I know), but it's true. So be kind to yourself. Take a bubble bath. Treat yourself to dessert. Go shopping. Do whatever makes you happy, and lean on the people in your life who love you even when you forget how to love yourself. They will be your partners.