Intuition Exchange: February 29-March 6

Intuition Exchange: February 29-March 6 |

This week's Exchange focuses on the Eight of Cups reversed. Last week we were in the process of moving from thought to action, and that can be a scary transition. The Eight reversed shows that we're feeling a little more comfortable with where we're headed.

Change is never easy, even when it's a good thing. We get comfortable in jobs we hate and relationships that aren't healthy. We get so used to telling ourselves that we're ok with the way we're living our lives that we start to actually believe it. Our temporary apartments become permanent. Our cheat day becomes every day. Our workout clothes sit in a drawer gathering dust. We get so far off track that we don't even remember what track we were supposed to be on in the first place. After all that, when we start to change our lives for the better, it can feel very uncomfortable. 

Luckily, the Eight of Cups shows up reversed when we get a little bit of hindsight. Making the choice to change may have been difficult, but now that we're on our way, we're starting to remember the people we want to be, and we're making great strides in great directions. When doesn't that feel good?

The energy of the Higher Knowledge card really underscores the Eight here. Even though this transition may still feel a little uncomfortable, our higher selves know that we are on the right path. This week, listen to that little voice in the back of your head, that tingle on your neck, that feeling that pulls you in a certain direction. I believe we're all intuitive beings, but, like anything, honing your intuition takes practice. Practice this week. You know, deep down, what it is you're meant to do.