Intuition Exchange: February 22-28

Intuition Exchange: February 22-28 |

As my dear friend and mentor Lindsay Mack pointed out last week, we are in the midst of a massive shift, and this week's exchange shows us moving from the contemplative phase of that shift into the action phase.

The Four of Swords upright signals a need for a mental break, but the reverse tells us we've taken the time to think over what's going on, and now we need to put those thoughts into action. We've spent time meditating on our situation, on where we want to go during this next great cycle, but thinking about what we want to do will only get us so far. The contraction is coming to an end, and we need to trust that this transition that's occurring will put us on our true path. It's time to take our first steps on that path as we move into the expansion.

The Magician is here to guide us through this initial expansion. All of the tools we need are at our disposal, and it's time to channel what we learned during our period of contemplation and manifest it here and now. The Magician is one of the cards with a direct line to God, whoever that may be for you, and that connection will support us as we begin to create.

We've taken the time to rest and recover from the initial shock of this transition, and now that we're refreshed and our minds are calm again, we have a great inner strength to support us as we go forward. The Magician will help us transform that mental and spiritual energy into it's physical manifestation. His number is one, the number of beginnings. This is our new beginning.