Intuition Exchange: February 15-21

Intuition Exchange: February 15-21 |

Every card in the deck offers us guidance and wisdom of some kind. There are no good cards or bad cards. There are, however, cards whose energies are more easy and supportive to be in. The Mother of Pentacles is one of those cards, and with her guiding us this week, things should be great.

The water energy of the Mother combines beautifully with the earth energy of the pentacles. This week is the time to physically manifest all our inner plans. All the hard work we've been doing will come to a head this week. The Mother of Pentacles is practical and down-to-earth, and that energy will drive us to just sit down and get shit done this week. It's time to get organized and get to work on our to-do list, whether that's getting our homes clean and in order or working our way up to a promotion at work or getting our bodies into better shape. The water aspect of the Mother means it's ok to have dreams and ambitions because the earth aspect of the card will help us approach those dreams realistically.

One of the great things about the Mother of Pentacles is that even though she's telling us it's time to buckle down and get to work, she's also telling us to work on what we love. Where others might see what we're doing this week as tedious, we see it as a labor of love. This week is all about doing our soul's work.

The Mother of Pentacles is also a bit of a homebody, so feel free to make your home a little more sacred this week, inside and out. If you want to stay home but still want to hang out with your people, host a dinner party. This is a great week to either show off your cooking skills or spend some time in the kitchen and learn something new. If you feel like maybe you want a little more alone time, go work in the garden (or the yard), or maybe go to Home Depot and get some plants to bring nature indoors. Embrace nature this week. 

In terms of relationships, the Mother of Pentacles tells us to embrace our feminine, sensual nature. Valentine's Day may have passed, but that doesn't mean our sex drive is gone. This week would be a great time for a date night to spice things up a bit. Maybe that means getting dressed up and going out. Maybe it means staying in and cooking dinner. Whatever you end up doing, let the end of the night lead to some sultry, sexy fun. The Mother is a full-grown woman, and her earthy nature means she loves to experience things with all her senses. So maybe this is the week to try something new ;)

Like I said earlier, this is going to be a good week. We might be working hard, but it will be for things we love. So spruce up your home, cook some new meals, get out in nature, and get freaky. Love life this week.