Intuition Exchange: February 1-7

Intuition Exchange: February 1-7 |

I've decided to change up my weekly Intuition Exchanges a bit. Rather than bringing you posts about spirituality and other things of a holistic nature, I'll be channelling a tarot card for the week. But fear not, I'll still be writing plenty of intuitive posts throughout the week on tarot and other topics! So let's dive right in.

The card I pulled for this week is the Mother of Wands. One of the most passionate cards in the deck, the Mother of Wands is full of fiery confidence. She is active and focused, determined to achieve her goals no matter what challenges she may face. That fiery energy of the wands of tempered somewhat by the Mother's double element of water. While she is bold and vibrant, she is also intuitive and emotional, inspiring and supporting those around her.

Channelling the Mother of Wands this week means going after that job you want or the guy you've been meaning to ask out, or maybe you've been wanting to start a new creative project but have been stalling because of this, that, or the other thing. The Mother of Wands is here to remind us of our power, to show us that the only thing holding us back is ourselves.

This week, hone into your intuitive self; listen to that little voice in the back of your head that's been pushing you forward. Now is the time to embrace the feminine energy of the Mother of Wands, an energy that burns strong and bright and powers the part of you that believes you can do anything. Allow that voice to come to the forefront this week. This is a time of action and strength. Whatever excuses you have are no longer valid with the Mother of Wands guiding you. So take the next (or first) step toward that goal you've been meaning to reach. Nothing can stop you this week.

P.S. As I was shuffling for this week's pull, the Lovers fell out of the deck. While this may signal a new or strengthening relationship, I don't think that's the main thing this card is telling us this week in context of the Mother of Wands. The Lovers appears to us to open us up to receive love. That may seem obvious, but the thing that so many people forget is that we can't truly love or be loved by others until we love ourselves.

Alongside the Mother of Wands, I believe the Lovers is here to remind us that we are as we should be. If you've been struggling with some aspect of yourself, this week is the time to look within and heal. Receive the love the universe is sending you. Know that in all your imperfections, you are perfect. Love yourself, and embrace the strong, beautiful power of the Mother of Wands. You are fierce, and you deserve whatever it is you're going after. Remember that.