Intuition Exchange: December 5-11

Intuition Exchange: December 5-11 |

We've got some really gentle, yet powerful, messages for this week. The Seven of Pentacles tells us that this week is a waiting period. We've planted our crop, and now we wait for it to grow so that we can harvest. There's absolutely nothing we can do to make our crop grow faster, so why worry? This week let's just sit back, admire the work we've done, and wait to see what comes next. That's not to say that we simply stop altogether. We can plan for the future. We can analyze what worked and what didn't in the planting period. We can ask others for their opinions on the work we're doing. Whatever we end up doing, though, we need to remember to keep a level head and stay relaxed. The universe is going to do what it's going to do, and we have no control over it. So stay positive, enjoy the journey, and harvest when the time is right.

The Crown Chakra is our connection to the universe and the higher power that gives us our insight. Tap into that connection this week to remind yourself that you are a small piece of a very grand design. There are so many things going on that we don't understand or recognize, but we can try to be more comfortable in those feelings by working with our crown chakra. This card is a reminder that inner work can help us feel more balanced and connected, even if the world outside is filled with uncertainty.

Uranus is the planet of intuition and originality. When out of balance with Uranus we may feel rebellious for no reason or irresponsible despite how hard we try. Much like with the crown chakra, though, the more in balance we are, the more powerful our intuition and receptivity will be. Uranus is simply another reminder this week to look inward. This is a time for inner work and a time to really process our thoughts. Don't try to do too much this week. Instead, spend time thinking and feeling and intuiting where you'll go next.