Intuition Exchange: December 19-25

Intuition Exchange: December 19-25 |

A mental break is needed this week. The Four of Swords tells us to go inward and find power in the stillness at the core of our being. The Five of Cups jumper suggests we may have lost something recently, but the best way to move forward is to feel whatever it is we're feeling. We may have lost something, but we still have so much left to live for. Try to remain in the stillness the Four of Swords offers rather than allowing yourself to be consumed by grief. We have power over our thoughts and feelings. And if your inner stillness is not enough to keep you calm, the Three of Cups jumper reminds us to find love and support from our tribe. Don't be afraid this week to turn to those who calm you down and love you when don't have the strength to do it alone.

The First Quarter Moon often represents a time of challenge and conflict. It is a time to tear down old structures and thought processes and create new ones. This week, in the quiet stillness of your mind, figure out how to make adjustments to your current situation. Go with your gut on this one. The First Quarter Moon is active and decisive, so use that drive to figure out what's next.

Stingray represents a turning point between the old and the new. The old may be comfortable, but only because we've been there so long we don't recognize that this is not what comfort feels like. Make a decision to move forward and to grow. Don't quit, and don't blame others or make yourself the victim. Move through your feelings and figure out what they're trying to tell you. The Elephant jumper reminds us that obstacles make us stronger, and that while we may feel lost or stuck right now, the path forward will soon become clear. Trust your intuition.