Intuition Exchange: April 4-10

Intuition Exchange: April 4-10 |

The Two of Swords is all about balance, a truce between two aspects of our lives. We're finally coming out the other side of a major transition, and now is the time to find the balance between all the new ideas we have for where to go next and the practical ways to manifest those ideas. The good news is that, with the Two upright, we're on the right path. Even if things don't seem perfectly balanced right now, the important thing is that we're making the effort. 

The eclipse between the two swords represents the idea that now is the time to step away from the bright, busy things that may be distracting us and making it harder to find balance. Spend some time this week going inward and meditating. The suit of Swords is all about the mind, so use it. Approach things logically, and let anything that doesn't balance out fall away.

And, surprise, I pulled Higher Knowledge again. I've been pulling this card like crazy lately, and it always feel good to see it. Starting a new journey is always a little nerve-wracking, but the most important thing is to listen to that voice in the back of our head that guides us.

I also pulled Uranus this week. Uranus is highly intuitive and forward-looking. Channel that progressive and enlightened nature when you're working to find balance. Our minds constantly come up with ideas that we dismiss as too out there or unmanageable, but one of those ideas might be innovative enough to move us from trying to stay in balance to actually being in balance. Don't dismiss anything this week without giving it some thought first. We might come up with something that's just crazy enough to work.