Intuition Exchange: April 25-May 1

Intuition Exchange: April 25-May 1 |

This week the Four of Swords reminds us that a mental break is never a bad thing. Even as we move forward, knowing we're going the right way, doubts are bound to creep in. Now is the time to step back for a moment and address those doubts. Do they come from a place of truth or a place of fear? Uncertainty always appears when we undertake a new endeavor, but it's our job to face that uncertainty, understand it, and fight it back.

The Two of Cups jumped from the deck to encourage us to embrace both halves of ourselves, the light and the dark, the yin and the yang, the ego and the spirit. We're uncertain about our future because we're uncertain about the side of ourselves that hides in the shadows, but that's the side that's going to empower us as we go forward. Take time this week to meditate on who you want to be and who you truly are. They aren't necessarily two different people.

The Initiation card tells us that it's time to decide if we want to continue to walk our path unconsciously or if we want to consciously embrace it. Channel that Two of Cups energy and commit to your path with an open heart. The Universe is constantly giving us what we need to create a beautiful life, and it's our duty to step up use those gifts. We are ready to walk the Master's path; all we need to do is say yes.

After some meditation and contemplation on who we are and what we're here to do, the Virgo card serves to encourage us to really dive into our current project. Approaching our current situation practically and intellectually will help us cast those emotional doubts aside. Just remember not to get too bogged down in the details. Perfectionism can easily lead to frustration (as a perfectionist, I speak from experience). If that happens, though, just move back into that Four of Swords energy and take a little break. Remember that your work is not the enemy.

The First Quarter Moon also jumped out while I was shuffling and reinforces the Virgo energy of hard work and forward momentum. As I said, a mental break is never a bad thing, as long as it really is just a break. Don't get so far in your head that you forget to come back to the earthly realm.

This week is all about balance: balance between our two selves, balance between thought and action, balance between working hard and obsessing. New things are hard, but they're also exciting. Remember that you chose this, and there's nothing more empowering than proving yourself right.