Intuition Exchange: April 18-24

Intuition Exchange: April 18-24 |

This week we're in the always-welcome energy of the Fool. The Fool is all about beginnings and that feeling of starting something new: butterflies in our stomach, a smile on our face, confidence pouring out of us at every turn. Sure, there's also the feeling that we might be forgetting something, but we're so pumped for this new journey that we don't even care. If it turns out we forgot toothpaste, we can always buy some later. No worries.

Some of use may be truly be starting something new, like I am, but others may not be. Even if you're not beginning something new, find a way to make your current journey new. Spice things up a little and bring some fire back into your life. The Fool doesn't always necessarily signify a literal beginning. Instead it could be more of a reminder to recharge and reset. You know how when you say or read a word so many times in a row it stops sounding or looking like a real word? The same holds true for our endeavors in life. Sometimes we get so set in a routine that we stop feeling like we're getting anything done and just cruise on autopilot. In that case we don't need to drop everything and start all over, we just need to break the pattern so we can find some inspiration again. It's time to channel the innocence and wide-eyed wonder of the Fool. Even the smallest change can make things new again.

Receiving Frequency is an important card to listen to this week as we go forward. Sometimes we ask the universe for something, and when we don't get it immediately we close ourselves off and wallow. The universe doesn't work on our schedule, though; it does things on its own time. It's important for us to remain open so that when the universe decides we're ready, we can receive what it has to offer. Remember that the Fool is the child of the tarot. Cast off the cynicism of adulthood and get back into the mindset of a child. Don't fail to see when you're being offered something simply because it doesn't come in the form you expect.

I also pulled the Full Moon this week. Channel her strength and power, but also remember her subtlety. The moon makes no light of her own, but rather reflects the sun's light and so gives us her beautiful luminance. Focus on the subtleties in your own life this week. Something as simple as starting a new morning ritual or writing in a journal can remind us of why we do what we do every day. Embrace those subtleties and let them light your way.