Intuition Exchange: April 11-17

Intuition Exchange: April 11-17 |

We've got a lot of info this week because both my tarot and Arcana of Astrology decks decided to spit a few extra cards out at me, so let's dive in! We're well into the Aries season at this point, so it's time to explore that fire energy, and there's no better way to do that than with the Father of Wands supporting us. The Father of Wands is double fire energy, and this week is all about channelling his fire into our own passions. It's time to shape the world we want to live in and the people we want to be. Charge forward without fear. Channel all the excitement of this week into your current projects and goals. The Father of Wands doesn't get burnt by his fire; he revels in it. Revel in your own fire this week, and, to put it simply, go out and get shit done.

The Base Chakra and Libra cards both serve as a reminder to not move so fast or do so many things that we actually become counterproductive. Balance and stability are key to using the Father of Wands' fire in more of a controlled burn. Direct your energies to the things you really need to get done. Make a to-do list or schedule out your week. You don't have to temper the fire, necessarily, just control it so that you don't burn out. 

The Ten of Wands and Sagittarius both jumped out while I was shuffling, and they reaffirm the need for balance and direction this week. Sagittarius, also ruled by fire, is enthusiastic, restless, and adventurous, a great companion for the Father of Wands. The Ten of Wands is here to remind us, though, not to rush forward so blindly that we end up working harder instead of smarter. Don't take on more than you can handle in the long run, even is right now it doesn't feel like too much. Take time each day this week to charge and align your base chakra so you can head into the day feeling strong and steady. Have fun this week. Embrace that creative fire energy. Do something awesome.