Intuition Exchange: 2016 Year Ahead Spread

2016 Year Ahead Spread |

I've decided to do a new thing in the new year. I'm calling it Intuition Exchange. Every Monday I'll post something having to do with intuition, spirituality, tarot, crystals, you name it. And for the first Intuition Exchange, I figured it would be appropriate to do a tarot spread for the coming year.

Year ahead spreads are pretty easy: pull one card for each month and one to represent the theme of the year as a whole. You can arrange them like I did, an idea I got from The Wild Unknown, or you can put the month cards in a circle around the card for the theme of the year or place the cards in straight lines. You can do pretty much anything you want, really, as long as you have 12 cards for the months and one card for the year as a whole.

It looks like I'm in for a year of change and transformation with all the swords I pulled, especially with the theme of the year being a swords card, and I'm pretty excited about that. There are a lot of cups, and wands in my spread, too, so there's going to be quite a few emotions and a good bit of passion involved in this particular transformation. I've also got back-to-back months of Majors, so I expect some pretty intense stuff come April and May.

I really like how how my year is bookended by two cups court cards. All things move in cycles, constantly waxing and waning, and our lives are no different. This year will be a cycle for me, and hopefully by the end of it I'll be in a different place, but I'll have come far enough to appreciate and understand where I started and ready to begin yet another cycle come next year.

I mentioned in my last post that I'm not making any resolutions this year, and seeing this spread and all the change I'll be going through has pretty much reinforced the idea that setting goals I know I'm probably not going to accomplish is not a good idea for me. I'm sticking with the original plan: just live. This transformation began a year ago, and I'm hopeful that in another year's time I'll have emerged from the proverbial chrysalis. Change has been persistently and aggressively knocking at my door for some time now, and I think I'm finally ready to embrace it.