In Which I Become an Aspiring Astrologer

In Which I Become an Aspiring Astrologer |

I've always loved astrology. My mom got me into it when I was younger, and even to this day she calls me to on my birthday to read my horoscope. It was only recently, though, once I started earnestly delving into my spiritual side, that I decided to learn more about astrology.

The first thing I did was figure out my birth chart so I could learn my Rising and Moon signs. Most of us know our Sun signs (I'm a Taurus) because they're pretty easy to figure out. Just look up which sign corresponds to your birthday. Boom. Done. You need to know the exact place and time of your birth, though, to figure out your Rising and Moon signs. Luckily, there are tons of sites out there, like Cafe Astrology, that offer free birth charts. I got mine and discovered I'm an Aries Rising and my Moon is in Pisces, both of which make so much sense.

While our Sun signs represent our basic identity and self-realization, our Moon signs represent our quieter, unconscious selves. Where the Sun acts, the Moon reacts. It is the yin to the Sun's yang. Our Rising sign (or Ascendent) is not dependent on either of the luminaries (the Sun and Moon) but is instead the sign rising on the Eastern horizon the moment we're born. It defines both the first impressions other have of us and the first impressions we have of the world. It's the mask we wear when entering a new situation or relationship before we feel comfortable enough to reveal the rest of ourselves.

Even the small act of learning more about my Rising and Moon signs, and how they react to and affect my Sun sign, has given me so much insight into astrology. Of course I'm just barely scratching the surface, but I'm loving learning more about something that's always had a place in my life. Studying all the other signs and planets is interesting and exciting, and I didn't realize what an impact learning astrology would have on my tarot reading. I have a whole new perspective on what the cards have to say now that I understand (a little, at least) what other energies are permeating the universe at the time of my reading. I especially love reading with my brand new Arcana of Astrology from Black and the Moon (pictured above). I'm having a great big witchy nerd-out moment, and I love it.

What are your favorite astrology sites and books? If you know of any good resources, let me know!