I Quit the Whole30, and I Feel Awesome

I Quit the Whole30, and I Feel Awesome | mysticsister.net

So, yeah, I'm a quitter. I made it nine days, but I decided the Whole30 isn't for me. More realistically, my body decided it wasn't for me. I was simultaneously starving but had no appetite, and protein, even just thinking about it, made me incredibly nauseous. I know that my digestion was all out of whack because my body was adjusting to eating healthier, but when I started gagging and dry-heaving on a piece of ham (which then led to a good old-fashioned sob), I figured I should listen to my body.

I ordered a pizza that night because there was nothing in my kitchen readily available to eat that I didn't feel like vomiting all over, but the next day ate relatively Whole30-ish. I had fruit for breakfast (I still wasn't quite ready for protein), but I also had some toast. For lunch I included some cheese with my meal. By dinner I was ready for some protein, and I had steak and acorn squash, a totally Whole30-compliant meal. I learned a lot about how I should be eating, (like the fact that I need to include way more protein in my diet, and I need to eat more during meals so I don't snack in between them) and I plan to implement what I've learned in the way I eat from now on.

I feel a little bummed about quitting, and maybe I'll try the Whole30 again someday. But this morning I woke up a lot easier than I was able to when doing the Whole30, my mood is infinitely improved, my appetite is back, and my nausea is gone. I started this to get healthier, and I feel like I'm able to do that with the things I've learned about food. I also started this to try and improve my skin, sleep, and depression. That may take longer to figure out, but I'm going to keep a food journal to see how different foods affect me. It won't give me results as soon as an exclusion diet would, but I think it will be easier on my body, and I need that right now.

At the beginning of this year I said I wasn't going to make any resolutions. I was just going to experience things fully and be present. That's what I'm doing here. Rather than stay stuck in a diet that is causing me stress instead of relieving it, I'm going to be present for myself and give myself what I need. So here's to a healthier, but less rigid, relationship with food in 2016.