How I'm Using 30 Days of Yoga to Jumpstart My Practice

How I'm Using 30 Days of Yoga to Jumpstart My Practice |

Practicing yoga is one of my favorite things to do. It's calming and centering while also being an almost unexpectedly good workout. That being said, I haven't done yoga in weeks. My job gave me no time for myself and dealing with my health issues has been taking a lot out of me, but starting today I'm doing Yoga with Adriene's 30 days of Yoga to get back in the habit of a daily practice.

I love daily rituals. They help keep me grounded, especially at times when my health is sucking the life out of me. Unfortunately, it takes me a while to make a daily ritual an actual daily thing, so I'm hoping that 30 Days of Yoga will help with that. Getting a guided video in my inbox every day should give me the push I need to kick my butt into gear (which incidentally might actually be possible after doing yoga for long enough).

If you want to join me on this yoga journey, visit Yoga with Adriene's website or YouTube channel to get the 30 Days of Yoga videos. We can support each other through the next month, A.K.A. make sure no one's slacking. Also, if you have any websites or apps that you use to supplement your yoga practice, let me know in the comments!