Hello, December

Hello, December | mysticsister.net

December is here, and with it, winter. For me, winter is a time for not only hibernation in nature but for hibernation of the self as well.

During the winter I tend to slow down. My thoughts, actions, and feelings all come at a slower pace, and I make sure to appreciate this slowness. In today's world where everything is so immediate, I relish the gradual nature of winter.

These few months of cold and calm give me a time to retreat within myself and reconnect with who I want to be. In winter I sift through the bits and pieces of me that make up who I am as a whole, and I figure out how those pieces fit together. Sometimes I add things. Sometimes I take things away. Sometimes I just need to do a bit of rearranging. In the end, though, by the time spring comes around again, I'm able to shed who I was before and get comfortable in the new skin I've made for myself. I start again, as the person I really want to be.

Lately I've been drinking a lot of black tea with a stick of cinnamon and a spoonful of brown sugar. It's warming and and soothing helps me to relax and think. Tea and a good book or some soft music are my favorite things in the winter. I snuggle up in sweatpants and blankets and I just think. I think about what I've done and who I've become, and I think about where I want to go from here.

What's your favorite way to hibernate in winter? What do you think about?