Hallucinating Is Normal, Right?

Hallucinating Is Normal, Right? | mysticsister.net

The first weird thing that happened to me yesterday was that I hallucinated. No, I was not on drugs of any kind. I hallucinated because of my as yet undiagnosed sleep disorder, which is looking more and more like narcolepsy.

Let me back up a little. I have has problems sleeping for some time, but I only recently started seeing a doctor about it. My symptoms include trouble falling and staying asleep, excessive daytime sleepiness, sporadic muscle weakness, low pulse ox while sleeping, and now hallucinations. After an in-home sleep study, we've ruled out sleep apnea, and, as I said, the problem is looking more like narcolepsy every day.

Okay, back to yesterday. I was in a meeting where I was not particularly needed and thus was not paying too much attention. My eyes felt like 100-ton bricks, but I was trying my hardest to keep them open. Because I wouldn't let them close, I began to have double vision and was really losing focus. This was when I entered into the dreamlike hallucinations. The man in front of me ceased to look normal. His eye sockets became dark and sunken, and his eyes and the surrounding sockets popped off his face like little folded up squares of paper on springs.

I told you. Weird.

This happened a few times, though I managed to get through the meeting without actually closing my eyes. I think. I did messily write some things in my notebook that I do not remember writing, so I may have fallen asleep for a few seconds but continued automatically writing. Yay for narcolepsy.

Then, as I was driving home, a guy rear-ended me. I was sitting still at a light when he hit me, so luckily there wasn't any damage done to my car. I did bite my lip hard enough to bleed, though, and I have a little bit of whiplash. That's just my luck, too, to manage to keep myself awake while driving to work in the morning (although there have been a few close calls) only to have someone run into while I'm sitting perfectly still. Yay for car accidents.

I blame this on last night's full moon. Weird shit happens on a full moon. Even so, the moon last night was pretty beautiful. I can't be too mad at it.

Here's to hoping today is a little bit more mundane.