Feminism Fridays: Join Me in the #WomensLives Initiative

A couple weeks ago I was asked to be a part of Across Women's Lives, an initiative to raise more awareness in the media about women's issues. This campaign is run by Public Radio International (PRI) and SheKnows Media.

Only about 24 percent of news stories today are about women, and only 6 percent of those stories discuss gender inequality. Across Women's Lives looks to change that by reporting on an sharing stories about women's rights and issues concerning health, education, wealth, economic development, and climate change.

If you want to read more about this campaign and how you can be a part of it, click here, and look out for the hashtag #womenslives.

I'm honored to be asked to be a partner in this project, and I'm excited to do my part to bring women's issues into the media in a bigger way. I hope you'll join me.