Feminism Fridays: I am My Own Woman

Original image by  Zack Roif

Original image by Zack Roif

Recently, in an attempt to insult me, a guy I know scoffed at my inability to find a boyfriend. Now, I don't actually care enough about this person to waste my time dwelling on his "insults." What bothers me, though, is that he thought that bringing up my relationship status would crush me and make me feel like less of a person.

This bothered me for two reason. One: This guy completely disregarded the fact that I am queer, which he know, and assumed that I could only be happy with a man. Two: This guy completely disregarded my existence as an equal human being by assuming that I could only be happy if I was in a relationship.


Women are self-reliant, independent, fully functioning human beings. Contrary to unfortunately popular belief, we can actually live our lives and be perfectly happy and fulfilled while also being single.

Do I eventually want to be married and have kids? Yes, absolutely. I want to be in a meaningful relationship, though. I don't want to be with someone for the sake of being with someone. So for now, I'm single. And you know what? I'm happy. I'm actually the happiest I've ever been. I've begun to manage my depression. I'm living in Israel, the homeland of the Jewish people. I'm figuring out what I actually want to do with me life. I accomplished all of these things, as well as everything else in my life, without a man by my side.

Sometimes I do get lonely, but that's a human feeling. We all want to be connected to someone. At the end of the day, though, I make my own happiness. We all do.