Deck Spotlight: Connected & Free Alchemist's Oracle

Deck Spotlight: Connected & Free Alchemist's Oracle |

The Alchemist's Oracle was the first oracle deck I ever bought. I was looking for something that wasn't too specific (like an animal or astrology oracle deck) but that was also really beautiful and unique, and this deck spoke to me immediately.

The Alchemist's Oracle utilizes a beautiful blend of images from nature, Buddhism, and geometry, and the card names pair seamlessly with those images to create an easy-to-read deck with big meanings. I like to look at the guidebook whenever I do a reading with this deck, because I like to know what the deck's creator had in mind when she made it, but I could easily read this deck without the guidebook. The Alchemist's Oracle is intuitive-based, so it's not only easy for me to read, but it also helps me hone my intuition and strengthen that muscle.

The guidebook actually reinforces the idea that you should read this deck using your intuition. The cards aren't listed in any particular order, and the descriptions are short and sweet, giving me room to develop my own feelings about the cards. Each card description even lists crystals that pair well with that card's energy, which I love.

Part of this deck's name is Connected and Free, and that says a lot about the energy of this deck. I know if I feel drawn to use this deck, I'm probably going to get more light-hearted and direct medicine, even for a serious question. This deck is a reminder not to take myself or my reading too seriously. It has a very playful energy, and it's fun to see what the cards have to say. In less playful situations, this deck is very gentle, even when it's being direct. It's constantly reminding me that self-love is key.

I'm not always drawn to this deck, but I smile when I am, because I know the reading will give me something good to think about. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking to expand their oracle deck collection. It offers excellent advice.