Beautiful Art from Beautiful Friends

Beautiful Art from Beautiful Friends |

Recently I received two highly anticipated pieces of mail, which, as you can see in the photo above, contained some awesome works of art. I need to find places to put them, so for now they're both sitting on my dresser, but I'm so pumped to have these gorgeous pieces to decorate my walls with.

The Star Wars print is from the lovely Natcha, otherwise known as SmudgeofPaint. Natcha is a magical being. I'm not entirely convinced she's not a fairy of some kind. She's sweet and funny and thoughtful and makes the most lovely drawings. My love of her artwork combined with my love of Star Wars made it impossible for me to not purchase this incredible print from her. She still has a few for sale, along with some other lovely prints, at her Etsy shop. Thank you, Natcha dear!

The painting came from the badass Ann Marie Amick. Ann Marie is the kind of artist I aspire to be. She creates so confidently, even when she's not, and she makes stuff even when she wants to do anything else. She has an eye for what makes us beautiful, what makes us human. And on top of that, she's a delightful person. She made this painting especially for me, and, although you can't really see it in the photo, she added some glitter, and I was thrilled to see it on my painting. I was even more thrilled to read the card she sent, which said, "Very few of my pieces have glitter, but I knew that I wanted yours to have it. Darkness should always have a little sass." 

Come on, how great is that? I'm usually pretty sassy when I wear dark lipstick or clothes or hats, but from now on my darkness will always have sass to go along with it. Thank you, Ann Marie.

The newness of my new art had worn off a little by the time I sat down to write this, but as I did I found myself smiling. I don't just love this artwork; I love that this artwork was created by my friends. I'm constantly inspired by these two ladies and the things they create, and I'm so so lucky to have them in my life. I really hope you check out their work if you don't know them. They're worth every second of your time and every penny you spend on their art. Thanks again, ladies. *kisses* *heart eyes* *hugs* *so much love*