Act with Intention

Act with Intention |

Since I started the Whole30 I've been doing a lot of dishes, and by a lot I mean all the dishes in my kitchen are in the sink after every meal. It's ridiculous. And I have to say, doing so many dishes so many times a day can get utterly exhausting. Now, where I wrote dishes, insert whatever it is you've been doing lately that has got you feeling totally wiped out. Maybe it's your job, maybe it's your family, maybe it's the committee you're on the board of. Whatever it is, think about it.

Now imagine being at peace doing whatever it is that's been tiring you out. It seems impossible, I know, but it's not. It just takes a little work. So next time you find yourself exhausted or bored or angry doing something that may seem trivial, do it with intention. When I stopped sighing every time I picked up a dish and started focusing intently on each movement, my mind settled. I hold every dish with care, scrub every one with love, rinse them all with purpose. It might seem silly, putting so much intention into dishes, but it works.

When you empty your mind of all thoughts but the one specific thing you're doing right at this very moment, there isn't as much room in your head to think of anything else. When you focus on each specific move you make, you begin meditating on those movements, and that meditation brings a sense of calm. The dishes aren't actually the enemy, they're just part of life, and life is a little bit easier to take on one dish at a time.